Innovation Centre

Flexible Coworking Spaces


Located in Naval Heritage Museum, the Innovation Centre continues a more than 100 years old tradition of hosting a devoted group of workers.

What there used to be are shipbuilders, welders, and woodworkers today are entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-up enthusiasts.

Challenge in crafting this identity was in carefully merging these two different eras, keeping the heritage and value this location brings but also giving it a new wave of easy modern living and working from anywhere.

By giving a modern twist to the old submarine’s technical drawings that were used by the workshop workers we were able to create a unique set of assets to be used as supporting elements in print and digital.

This set of assets laid the strong base for the identity with typography undergoing slight adjustments.

As part of the visual identity, we delivered new logo artwork, stationery design, and an elementary set of guidelines.